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Wolf Central is an amazing team of volunteers! Some of our volunteers have been donating their time for years and others just joined us recently. Would you like to join our pack? 

Our History



In October 1998, Ruth, her mother Betty, and daughter Jessica went to Cape Cod on a rainy weekend to celebrate Betty’s 60th birthday.  In search of inside activities, they came across the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster. Upon arriving, the girls learned that there was to be a presentation with live wolves on the lower level.  Betty loves wolves so this was the perfect place to be.  From the first time she saw Ambassador wolves Sila and Merlin, she was hooked.  The Mission:Wolf Ambassador Wolf Tour immediately became part of the fall routine.

Over the following years, Ruth, Betty, and Jessica would travel long distances to see Mission:Wolf and the ambassador wolves on their East Coast tour.  Each year learning more about wolves and their plight.  Ambassador wolf Rami was the first wolf that Betty was able to touch, and therefore Rami will forever be special to her.    After seeing the programs for about 5 years, Betty wrote a book for Mission:Wolf. All About Wolves. What I learned from Mission: Wolf.  She feels that her book is a great way for people to take home a piece of the Ambassador Wolf Program, allowing those who really understood their message to spread the word.

Then the seeds started getting planted.  Being a lifelong educator, Betty wanted to bring the program to her hometown, Southington, CT.  So many people had heard about the wolves and it was time that they got the chance to meet them as well.  After five tenacious years, Mission:Wolf finally had room to add Southington to their fall schedule.  This was very exciting!

A lot has changed since that first program in 2008 when Betty, Jessica and Ruth scrambled to secure a location, print up flyers and tickets, and get the word out.  Over the years many friends and volunteers have joined the Stanley girls to make each year more successful than the last.  Kevin Cyr came on board in 2009.  With a special wolf kiss from Ambassador Wolf Magpie, he quickly became dedicated to wolf education.

In the fall of 2012, after completing the 5th year of promoting the Mission:Wolf Ambassador Wolf Program and running several successful fundraisers, the ever growing group of volunteers and fans pushed!  With continued requests for additional wildlife programs and outreach events, Ruth and Kevin took the reins, bringing Wolf Central to the next level.

Wolf Central was originally a group of volunteers with nothing more than a Facebook Page to alert wolf fans of central Connecticut of the next wolf programs.  On December 12, 2012 Wolf Central became an official 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Guided by the Wolf Central mission, education programs are held for the community, sometimes in lecture style, sometimes by bus trip.  Outreach tables are very important as a way to reach new people.  

Wolf Central is new and growing rapidly.  The first year was filled with stumbles and successes.  With the help of the Wolf Central volunteers and fans, we will continue to grow, to learn, and to make a difference!


Our Mission


 The mission of Wolf Central is to bring wildlife conservation and education programs to our communities in order to help educate the public on how to safely coexist with our wild neighbors and to assist other nonprofit organizations with similar goals and values. 


Wolf Central is a non-profit dedicated to educating the public about the wilderness around them and how to coexist with it, instead of fear it, much of what we do is clarifying much of the misinformation that has spread over the years. We are a 100% volunteer run non-profit, and have brought wilderness education programs to the public in the form of wildlife rehabilitators, wolf sanctuaries, naturalists, Department of Environmental Protection researchers, park ranges, and programs our own.

Knowing that quality education programs can be hard to find, we hold fundraisers throughout the year to offset the costs for the best programs. From outreach tables and bake sales, to car washes and sponsorships. We strive to reach as many people we can in a fun and educational manner

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